At PWS, we’re committed to continually improving our proposition. Our fully automated, paint-to-order (PTO) service offers an extensive colour palette and a superior quality and finish for all paint-to-order products across our comprehensive kitchen component portfolio.

Our recent move from polyurethane to water-based paint allows us to significantly reduce our VOC emissions, whilst also delivering a much higher standard of paint finishing. Delivered out of our industry leading paint finishing facility at our County Durham headquarters, we employ the very latest technology innovations and manufacturing techniques, with a dedicated quality management team to ensure the highest levels of performance at all times.

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More on-trend colours for 2023

Strengthening our facilities

Our investment ensures we have the very latest technology and manufacturing capabilities. This is supported by weekly testing and a dedicated quality management system.

Utilising the latest sanding technology

Our new sanding machinery features omnidirectional sanding techniques which provide over ten times more sanding coverage and an improved dusting process.

Robotic accuracy

Our high performance robotic machinery features the latest 3D scanning, air filtration, temperature control and drying technology to provide the utmost accuracy in application and consistency.

In-house quality assured

Our high-quality, Fira Gold Certified paint is machine mixed in-house, and applied in the most highly controlled atmospheres to ensure quality control at all stages.

Drilling services

Why not let us drill your products BEFORE they are painted. Our drilling service for painted products helps to significantly reduce potential damage – and makes things easier for you and your customers all round.

The optimum environment

Our super-scale dust extraction and filtration network cleans the air in the building every hour and continuously ensures the best conditions.

The greatest capacity and throughput

Our highly automated technology allows us to handle volume with ease, offering the greatest capacity and quickest throughput in the industry. Our robotic paint line can run faster than five metres a minute. It both paints and dries, enabling product to be painted on both sides the same day.

A better, greener water-based finish

Following a year of rigorous testing, our new water-based paint not only helps us to provide a much greener service, but also delivers a higher quality finish with far greater scratch resistance. *Our new water-based finish will be implemented across all product ranges from mid-2020, with many of our door families already transitioned.

Paint-to-order lead times

Paint-to-order and Made-to-order products are available on a lead-time and always subject to manufacturing capacity. To find out our current lead-times please contact your Account Manager.

Our Palette

Please contact your personal support team to order your colour samples, as they best way to appreciate the shades in our painted palette. Please note that due to variables between photographic processes and display settings, that the colours shown here may vary slightly from the actual product supplied.

Our Ranges

We have 12 door families in our product portfolio that offer a paint-to-order service, spanning a range of modern, classic and traditional styles, giving you the utmost flexibility in design and finish.








Mornington Beaded

Mornington Shaker





To view our current Paint-to-Order lead-times

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