PWS offers a door drilling service to help make you installation quicker, easier and more precise. This year, we’re pleased to now offer this service for all stocked lay-on doors & paint-to-order products.

Choosing to have your doors drilled before they are painted helps to significantly reduce damages – and makes things easier for you and your customers all round

As Standard

All Hinge Holes

Are based on a standard size - 35mm diameter (+/- 0.2mm) x 13.5mm depth (+/- 0.5mm)

Set Positioning

Centre point 22.5mm from side (+/- 0.5mm), 100mm (+/- 1mm) from top/bottom

Additional Hinge Holes

Will be drilled by default depending on door height as indicated on the illustrations opposite

Upon Ordering

Please specify whether your door is to be drilled on the left or the right

Ways to Order

Contact your customer services team to order your drilled doors


In addition to drilling for conventional hinges, we also offer a joinery service for 1909 in-frame Shaker and Ovolo doors.

This includes notched frame and doors for butt hinges and an array of door beading options

All 1909 finishing touches are meticulously handcrafted through expert PWS craftsmen with the very best care and attention to detail. The pleasure of fine design, lies in the finish.

View 1909

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