PWS provide an industry leading, national worksurface templating and installation service, where we employ the finest technology to provide our customers with a perfect bespoke worksurface suited to their exact requirements.

This is an accurately timed process, with installation taking place 5 to 7 days after your template has been completed. Carried out by a dedicated team of professional and qualified installers, the PWS installation service guarantees the very best care and provides the highest level of product and material knowledge throughout the entire process.

Preparation for Templating

Order Confirmation Recieved

our dedicated Sales & Service team have confirmed all order details with you.

Next steps

We will call and confirm a date and time (AM/PM) for your appointment

Two further progress calls will be made, one week prior and then again 48 hours before the appointment.

The templater will then call 24 hours before the appointment and advise an accurate time window for the service to be completed.

Key Details


Must be securely fitted in place. Fixed physical location points are required to measure from.


Must be removed so that we can record accurate measurements.


Must be fitted to ensure we accurately measure the worksurface overhang.


Must be on site with the makes and models specification to hand. Appliance information clarifies cut-out sizes and positions. A required 5mm gap either side of any freestanding appliance (range cookers etc) must be made to allow for fitting and expansion.


Belfast sinks naturally vary in size which can cause considerable worksurface overhangs. They must be fitted in their final position before the templating service can take place, therefore providing an accurate overhang, with drainer grooves positioned correctly.


It is critical that they are on site at the time of templating as their bowls don’t dictate the location on the worksurface.


Must be fitted so the radius can be measured accurately. The cabinet alone is not an accurate indication of the final radius requirement.

It is important that a decision maker is on site at the time of template


To ensure that the appointment runs smoothly and understand what we require from you, please watch our video ‘Preparing for Installation’

Watch our video

Post Template

A CAD drawing will be sent for your approval

Our Sales & Services team will call to discuss any variance to the pre template design

If changes are required, we will issue a new CAD drawing for approval.

Following your sign off and agreement, we will start the manufacturing process.

Cash customer - payment is required before progressed to manufacturing.

Day of Installation

Our installation team will call to confirm time of arrival

A decision maker must be on site at the time of installation

Once installed, out team will walk the customer through their new worksurface.

On completion we will advise you of care and maintenance instructions and leave a guarantee card.

Our installer will be available to answer any questions before asking the decision maker to a customer satisfaction form.

We will remove all waste material


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