Many customers use EQ to place their orders with us, and we have worked with Compusoft to integrate our online services to make placing an order even simpler and real-time through this leading business management platform for the industry.

Order Through EQ

Using your PWS login details, place orders electronically through EQ with instant stock availability information and live stock allocation.

EQ Direct Pricing allows you to download your PWS product prices directly into EQ (PWS list and net prices) without the need to manage the discount lists in EQ.

As with the PWS website, ordering through EQ directly, rather than by email, allocates the stock immediately to your order

You can track and progress your order immediately on the PWS Website.

You will require EQ version 14.2.158 or above and a PWS website login details.Set-up in the EQ supplier screen for account placing orders directly and EQ Direct Pricing integration.

CAD Packages

We also offer dedicated catalogues in the major CAD software platforms, including:

  • Articad
  • Compusoft
  • 2020 Fusion


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