Your favourite door families, just not as you know them

A new and exciting integrated handle collection from PWS. A collection like no other, it is an innovative, flexible and commercially appealing range of frontals with a difference.

Meeting the growing consumer demand for more personalised and tailored kitchens, Outline combines our most popular door families with a selection of integrated handle options to offer the consumer the look and feel of a bespoke, premium kitchen but at a more affordable price point.

A first for the independent sector, this unique collection allows you to enter a growing area of the market, stand out from the crowd and ultimately win more business.

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Over 2,500 design configurations
6 door families, 35 colours, 4 integrated handle options, 8 backplate finishes locations

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5 of our most popular door families

Outline includes our most popular door families. From Porter, our best-selling slab, to Mornington, our beloved woodgrain Shaker, you can create a vast array of looks to suit any modern or traditional setting. By evolving our existing door families and utilising our industry-leading paint service, we have made it easy for you to create something truly unique using products you already know.


Our best-selling modern door family, this clean and linear slab comes with a wide selection of accessories to create stunning contemporary environments.


A unique, modern Shaker, Hunton features a narrow frame design, one‑piece construction, and smooth painted finish to create a truly versatile Shaker that suits any room setting.


Our popular, single piece Shaker works equally well in both modern and classic settings. Fitzroy’s classic proportions and smooth painted finish combine to create a classic door range with a modern touch.

Mornington Shaker

Our best-selling Shaker family features a 5-piece real timber construction, narrow frame design and distinctive ash grain texture, to make Mornington Shaker our most popular classic door family.

Mornington Beaded

An evolution of our in-demand Shaker, Mornington Beaded offers the same features and benefits but with the addition of a decorative quarter round beading detail.


A modern twist on the classic Shaker, Crathorne features a slim frame appearance with a distinctive woodgrain texture.

4 integrated handle options

Outline features four distinct handle options – each acting as a key element in your design. Specially developed to complement our existing doors families, each handle type features its own unique character and charm.


The circular shape of Portal is an elegant, and soft handle choice. Working particularly well when paired with a modern slab, its playful, Scandinavian-inspired design captures an eclectic, and somewhat retro feel.

A timeless shape that delivers optimal grip for the user, Portal draws the eye, revealing just enough of its round backplates to add a bold, crafted detail to your design.


Subtly sculpted into the perimeter of the door, Edge offers a refined and considered handle that is as attractive as it is functional.
Appearing to be at one with the frontal, its slightly radius corners soften the overall design for an inviting, unified appearance.

Our most flexible handle choice, it is equally suited to modern and traditional settings. Use it to add depth and interest to minimal slabs or pair with a Shaker to complement natural timber frames.


The rectangular, linear appearance of Channel offers a contemporary and reserved handle that emphasises flow and movement.

This sophisticated shape features slightly rounded edges and a striking rectangular backplate, to create an ergonomic handle that empathises the modern nature of slab frontals.

Extended Channel

A natural evolution of Channel, Extended Channel’s bold, geometric shape creates an ultra‑modern appearance. Slightly rounded edges and elongated backplates combine to deliver a functional yet adventurous handle.

Its streamlined shape naturally complements modern slab doors, particularly when used on wider drawer packs and feature islands. With a clear Germanic influence, Extended Channel is perfect for those wanting a design that oozes symmetry and balance.

8 complementary backplate options


A timeless finish that will never go out of fashion. Oak's classic style allows you to bring an element of the outside, inside, and effortlessly complements darker, natural tones.


Rich Walnut offers a deep and dark feature. This very traditional finish pairs perfectly with bold, earthy tones to enhance a warm and welcoming setting.


Intense Carbon stands proud as a feature all on its own. Coming in a smooth finish, Carbon works particularly well when paired with lighter colours to create a contrasting, monochrome look.

Painted colour

Achieve a unifying, single colour look by matching your backplates to the colour and finish of your chosen doors. Available to match any of our 35 paint-to-order colours.

Antique Bronze Effect

Bursting with character, Antique Bronze is an opulent backplate option. Featuring a strong, warm finish with subtle brushing effect, this is a timeless choice.

Brushed Brass

A modern brass that pairs well with lighter tones. The delicate, brushed effect gently reflects light to offer a more polished backplate that is satiny in appearance.

Aged Brass

A rustic, mottled finish encapsulates the traditional appearance of Aged Brass. Its natural, patina appearance creates a richly metallic detail that can add extra elements of interest to a design.

Bright Copper

A bright and modern option. The rich and bold finish of Bright Copper features a subtle brushing effect and highly reflective finish for those looking for a distinctive backplate.

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