The world's first zero carbon worksurfaces

Introducing the new Sunlit Days collection by Silestone, the first collection of five mineral surfaces which have a zero carbon footprint. The collection is available in five natural tones which are inspired by the Mediterranean, our connection with nature and most importantly, colour.

Available in five natural tones

Arcilla Red

A deep and earthy red that creates cosey and warm spaces.

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Cala Blue

A modern blue that simulates the balance between the depth and the surface of the sea when interacting with the light.

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Faro White

A powdery white that brings calm and tranquility to spaces.

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Cincel Grey

A neutral adaptable grey that balances easily between warm and cool tones.

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Posidonia Green

A serene green, full of light that elegantly illuminates spaces and offers harmony to any room.

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