What's new for 2023

As the market leading distributor of kitchen and bedroom components, our commitment to provide you with the widest, most flexible range of quality products has never been stronger and this year we have launched our biggest range of new frontals yet. Featuring 2 brand-new Shaker families, 18 new stocked finishes across modern and classic door ranges and an additional 36 made-to-measure options, our collection has been enhanced and expanded to provide a uniqueness and competitive edge to your business. 

More in-demand colours for some of our best-selling door families

Our biggest frontal launch yet features 18 new finishes including a new Reed Green, sought after Taupe Grey and our popular Regiment shade from stock, so you can meet demand quickly and easily.

Porter Taupe Grey & Regiment Matt & Gloss

Remo Taupe Grey & Regiment Matt & Gloss

Hunton Taupe Grey, Regiment & Graphite

Belsay Woodgrain Reed Green

Belsay Smooth in 5 colours

Sculpt Taupe Grey

A new take on Clarendon

We have developed our popular in-frame range to offer you more design options.

New beaded design

We have enhanced and evolved Clarendon with the additional option of a new beaded door style. Available in any of our 35 painted colour options and on any stocked frontal, Clarendon Beaded offers an even more ornate and detailed look than its predecessor.

New curved design possibilties

We have seen a rise in popularity of curved doors due to customers increasingly searching for statement pieces. Our new double door and innovative 'true curved' door set with an integrated chopping board offers a softer, more organic alternative for an island end and a unique preparation area.

Extending our range to offer you more design choice

Fluted Glazed Doors for our most popular Shaker ranges

Building on the popularity of fluted texture, we have introduced a selection of Fluted Glazed Doors in Clarendon, Crathorne, Hunton, Mornington Shaker and 1909 that maximise natural light while also retaining an element of privacy.

No cross-rail doors

We've introduced non cross-rail designs to our Crathorne and Hunton ranges to offer you added design flexibility and a more modern look compared to cross-rail versions.

Crathorne Feature Glazed Doors

You can now choose from a wide range of impressive, glazed feature doors in Crathorne to add extra personality and detail toy our design.

Rejuvenating our Painted Palette with 3 new colour introductions

We strive to offer you the most up to date, of the moment colours so you can provide your customers the latest on-trend finishes. This year we have drawn on the success of deep opulent tones and warm neutrals, as well as embracing the continued success of blue and green hues to bring you 3 brand-new, distinct colourways - taupe Grey, Malbec and Majestic Teal.

Taupe Grey


Majestic Teal

3 new distinctive, in-demand worksurface families

Our most innovative and flexible range just got even better.

Strata Quartz Corchia

New Strata Quartz Arabieto

New Strata Quartz Patagonia

Partnering with Nobili to offer you an exclusive collection of taps

With over 60 years manufacturing experience for some of Europe's biggest kitchen and bathroom brands and based at their purpose-built production facility in Northern Italy. Our new collection features a wide range of designs and finishes including:

Single Lever

Dual Lever


The broadest collection of furniture handles in the UK

With 139 new handles, we have expanded and enhanced our handle collection to capture the latest on-trend looks. We have introduced 19 new families covering a range of styles and designs.

More Fluted designs

We have launched a host of new families including Alchester, Hemley and Arden which feature an intricate, fluted texture design to perfectly complement contemporary and classic room settings.

The Timber Collection

We have introduced new textures, styles and finishes to our Timber Collection to continue the trend of welcoming the outside world indoors.

The Colour Collection

Developed in conjunction with our exclusive European manufacturing partners and colour-matched to five of our new and best-selling colours, this modern family offers a truly unique look.

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