Proud to present more products than ever

Our commitment to provide you with the widest, most flexible range of quality components, accompanied by unrivalled support has never been stronger. This year we have brought you even greater choice, including more in demand door choices, further stocked colours and some entirely new product collections. 

Discover more about our 2022 Innovations below and discover how we help you get the most out of your designs.

Meet Crathorne

A new 5-peice real timber Shaker with narrow frame. Featuring a distinctive Ash grain texture and a high quality matt painted finish, our latest door family offers a contemporary appearance combined with the benefits of a traditional shaker.

Coming in 5 stocked finishes of Porcelain, Dove Grey, Hartforth Blue, Regiment and Sanded

Available in any of our paint-to-order colours

Included in our Outline integrated handle collection

Handless door sizes & accessories to make stunning contemporary settings

Cross rail doors & tall height installation options

Design using clear glazed doors & 3 panel larder doors

Further stocked colours

To capture the growing need for bolder tones, and to ensure in-demand shades are available when you need them, we have added new colours from stock for two of our most popular door families.

Mornington Shaker - Regiment

With growing consumer demand and an increase in Paint-to-order sales for mid greens we have introduced Regiment as a stock option for Mornington Shaker.

Clarendon - Hartforth Blue

Due to its strong performance in other door families and the trend for deep blues showing no signs of slowing we have launched Hartforth Blue from stock in our popular in-frame door family.

A new and enhanced Bedroom Collection

We are pleased to announce that our brand-new Bedroom offer now features our popular door families of Belsay, Hunton, Mornington Beaded and Porter, meaning you can now design beautiful bedrooms using the ranges you know and love.

New dedicated bedroom sizes and accessories

Create a wide range of bedside chests, dressing tables & wall units

Bedroom best-sellers Chapter and Sculpt are still available

An all-new Home Office Collection

As home working practices continue to increase, we have worked hard to develop a flexible, wide-ranging Home Office offer so that you can easily enter this rapidly growing sector.

Our most popular door families of Belsay, Crathorne, Hunton, Mornington and Porter.

Design a wide range of home office configurations

New dedicated Home Office sizes, accessories and matrix

An enhanced Outline collection

Our most innovative and flexible range just got even better.

Includes Crathorne , our new narrow Shaker

Outline is now included as part of our enhanced Bedrooms offer

Available as part of our brand-new Home Office range

New Sinks & Taps Collection

We are delighted to partner with industry-leading European supplier, Alveus, to launch a high quality and commercially attractive range of sinks and taps. Our comprehensive collection comes in a variety of finishes, sizes and fitting options.

The Monarch Collection

The Granital Collection

The Stainless Steel Collection

More supporting accessories

New worksurface materials and colours

Over 70 new handle introductions

More YouK bespoke shelving options

A brand-new lighting collection from Sycamore

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